Fine Silver Fusing

October 1, 2010

I took a really fun class last night for jewelry making.

Fine Silver Fusing.

Very cool.

I tend to be a crafty person, I have been known to dive head first into a new hobby.  I love learning new techniques, getting the supplies, turning out my first prototypes.

Of late I’ve tried to just stick to jewelry making, I enjoy it more then any of the other crafts I’ve tried, and I feel like I’ve tried them all.

This Fine Silver thing could be really addicting, and expensive.  The tools are not overly pricey but sterling sure is on the rise. But the possibilities are endless with what you can make. Loops, links, ear wires, headpins, hooks, toggles…

I just might have to go torch shopping…

Metal Stamping

September 24, 2010

OK, I’ve found another jewelry making process that is really fun.

Metal Stamping.

I took a class on this the other night and it was great.  I totally got the hang of it and in less then 2 hours had made at least 8 pieces.  Not only was it creative outlet, it also is a great way to whack out your frustrations by banging on some metal.  I loved the letter stamping, but I think the most fun was getting the hammered effect on the metal.

I have an idea for a line of jewelry to commemorate your friends, personalized for each individual, yet themed to connect a group together.

Stay tuned for new designs and gift ideas.

Precious Metal Clay

September 19, 2010

Precious Metal Clay is a miraculous thing. This little lump of moldable clay when fired, becomes like 99.9% pure silver. And it’s great fun to work with.

For $30 you get about a 1/2 ounce of clay. You can flatten it, stamp it, mold it, cut it and shape it into just about anything. Depending on how quick you work and the size of your pieces, you can get 1-5 items made in a 2 hour class. I’ve made custom tags, charms and pendants so far, with a ton more ideas whirling around in my head.

If you have a great bead shop offering the class they will usually fire it and polish it for you all for the price of the class/clay. I have been taking my classes at a cute little bead shop called The Bead Gallery. Our very talented instructor gives us ideas, helps fixes our mistakes, then takes our creations home and fires them, cleans up the rough edges and within a week presents us with our finished pieces. She graciously calls any flaws “character” and insists that is what makes them unique, one-of-a-kind creations..maybe that’s why we love her class so much!

Creating a Custom Piece

June 16, 2010


One of my customers came to me with a strand of antique inlaid turquoise beads.  As a strand it was quite gaudy, certainly not modern or fashion forward.

But the beads were really quite pretty themselves.  I cleaned them up, and realized that they were inlaid with turquoise, sterling and bronze.

My customer is quite eclectic. She likes random designs and likes to wear layers of jewelry.

We decided upon a 3 strand design alternating Pearls, Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz Swarovski Crystals, antique turquoise Czech glass and tied them together with leather, tiny seed beads and a 3 strand silver clasp. 

The result was stunning, and of course called for matching earrings.

Chains of Harmony

May 22, 2010


I named my line of  jewelry Chains of Harmony because I feel like it encompasses my concept of creating coordinating jewelry pieces that work with the colors in your wardrobe.


We all have our favorite colors that we wear over and over again.  Personally I love earthy colors like browns, greens, blues and of course black. But just because I wear these colors a lot doesn’t mean I want to wear the same jewelry all the time.  So I’ve created a variety of designs that coordinate together, so they can be mixed and matched.

All items are unique one-of a-kind pieces. I strive to use only the finest quality beads and findings available. Swarovski crystal, Bali and Hill Tribe Silver and natural Gemstones of all varieties, along with Pearls and Artisan Beads are among my favorites.  However there are all price points available.

My specialty is designing custom pieces. Give me an idea of what you want, a color, and a price range and I will create something special just for you. I love to do ensemble sets and interchangeable coordinating pieces.

Birthstone and Bridal pieces are also available. Prices range from $5 to 100.

Be sure to visit my Etsy shop by clicking the button on the front page.

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