Crazy Diet-But it’s Worked So Far

May 5, 2011

I have neglected my blog.  And I love my blog. 

Sorry. I was focused on myself this month.

I shook up my world in the last 5 weeks and did something a little crazy and a little controversial…  I went on a major detox diet.

I had to do something drastic to shake up my system to break my plateau.  And I’m glad I did.

It was amazing.

In 32 days I dropped 22 lbs and 22 inches. 2 pant sizes, a bra size, and a shirt size.  Even my shoes feel big.

It was hard.  Very hard. In fact, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

 A couple of days I cried because I wanted a potato with butter more than anything  else in the world.

The food was limited,  boring and repetitive.

No fats, no carbs, no sugars, no dairy.  Limited choices for veggies, fruit and proteins.  Small portions.  But good quality organic food.

I had success.  It was the first success I’ve had on any diet that I have done since the dreaded Deppo incident. 

I have to say though, I felt really good during it. I slept like a rock.  I had no indigestion issues whatsoever and I normally have issues with that. Not to mention,  my mental alertness and energy was fantastic. 

I’ve been searching for a way to reset my metabolism.  I know that something changed in my body when I did the Deppo.  For 15 years I have looked for a way to fix it.  I think I’ve found it.

But I’m not going to say what this whole plan is until I go through the rest of the phases to see if it actually is a permanent fix like they say.  Sorry but I don’t want anyone to do this if they don’t have to.

 Then I will have the solution for my book.

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