Life is like a garden…

May 22, 2011

After a crazy, long, emotional winter spring finally comes. With it comes hope and energy, change and new growth. But right along with the good things comes pain and the loss of what can no longer endure.

My spirit is lifted with each new sunny day.  Each accomplishment and bit of success drives me toward goals and better things to come.  The sun warms the earth and welcomes the emergence of life. Yet I must also weather the storms and set-backs of my family. I must pluck the weeds of self-doubt and sadness and persevere even when I want to hide underground to protect myself.

When a flower outgrows itself it will not bloom. It will lay down and try to grow from within.  In order to revive it you must split it and replant it, giving it room to grow. I’m trying to grow, and there are days when I know I need to divide myself into many shoots.  One for school, one for career, one for physical health, one for family strength.  Yet all the while keeping my roots in tact to hold down my marriage and relationships.

The rain of life has been pounding so hard for so long it seems.  Never a respit, for another storm lurks just beyond.

For several weeks my garden has looked sad, ratty and unorganized. Much like my life and my spirit has been. But today some flowers bloomed, first of the spring.  And somehow the ratty mess I was not looking forward to tending, now looks pretty again.

It’s reaching for the sun…much like me.



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  • All my life I've waited for things to be right in the universe before I could really start living my life. If only I had the perfect job, the perfect home, was the perfect weight or had the perfect partner... then my life could begin.

    What I've realized now is that these challenges I faced were not obstacles holding me back, they were the steps in the journey that is my LIFE.

    Life has it's ups and downs, heartaches and joys. We need to appreciate each day, and do our best with what we have been given.

    It's not the destination, it's the Journey.

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