Little Pink Crutches

April 1, 2011

Yesterday, while I was at  work, I had a customer come in.

From my desk I heard her struggling at the door.  I got up to see what the commotion was and saw this petite girl fighting to get through the heavy glass door.  She had caught the bottom of one of her crutches and didn’t have the balance or strength to right herself.

I went over and held the door so she could clear the opening.  I asked her what I could help her with.  She was interested in starting her own line of clothing and was hoping I’d be able to provide her some information.  In my business I’ve had this kind of request before, many a time.  Few had ever been successful.  Many bit off much more than they bargained for.  She looked so fragile, yet so full of hope and optimism, that it really touched my heart. In no way did I want to express any skepticism.

She was a tiny little thing. She had blond hair and big blue eyes that shown through her stylish eyeglass frames. She had a nice smile and I’m guesssing is probably one of the strongest people I have met in a long time.  She looked as though she suffered from MS or Cerebral Palsy.  Her words were a little garbled, her hands a little shaky, but that didn’t hide her enthusiasm.  As she spoke I realized we had more in common then our hair and eye color.

She was also a graphic arts student, studying for her degree in art.  She loved working in Photoshop, but was perplexed by Illustrator, as am I.  She asked the right questions, I gave her some industry secrets.  She was hoping to design a line of clothing to sell in boutiques and trendy stores.  I couldn’t help but root for her.

We talked and laughed, we discussed art and the software that challenged us.  She told me about her ideas and I was impressed with the amount of thought that she had put into this concept.

When I had given her all the facts, she seemed satisfied and very grateful that I had given her some time.  “I’ve been many other places today, others, she said, haven’t been so kind.”  I couldn’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t be willing to show this polite young girl some compassion.

She had to call for a ride and I waited with her while her Mom came to pick her up.  I helped her with the catalogs and information I had given her, as she couldn’t carry them and maneuver her crutches together.  I opened the door and waited for her to get down the step.  I noticed how tiny her legs were.  Her thigh muscles were smaller than my arm.  She wore black and white checked high-top sneakers and pink and white striped socks.  She had leggings on, a pink hoodie and a wildly printed scarf. She had style, that was for sure.  I helped her into the car. Her Mom gave me a grateful nod some how both expressing doubt and hope at the same time.

As I closed the car door it was then that I noticed her little pink crutches.  Small and worn, bedazzled with glitter.  What else would a fashionista-to-be put on her crutches? I couldn’t help but smile.

I walked back into my office feeling both proud and ashamed of myself.  For I had been whining a couple days prior about the silly things that I wanted, but didn’t have. Yet I have the ability to walk, and the freedom to come and go as I please. I can sit still and concentrate when needed…all the things this girl fights to have on an hourly basis…I take for granted every day.

It was then that I realized that I had crutches of my own, only mine were bedazzled with self-pity.

A tear rolled down my cheek.

I called my husband to share my experience.  He had been whining earlier that day too. We took a collective sigh and realized how lucky we were.

If she could reach for her dreams with her limitations, there was no reason I couldn’t also.

So I put away my crutches last night and decided that today was the day I was going to start to reach, fight and struggle to get where I’m going too.



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  1. Amália says:

    thanks for the article…very nice and interesting keep posting more…

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