July 4, 2011

You can feel loss in so many ways…

Loss of a loved one…

Loss of a relationship…

Loss of a job, house or object…

It does make you feel empty. It makes you feel sad, sometimes lonely and listless. There’s a period of mourning, sadness and pain.  Suposedly it’s replaced by the warmth of good memories and love.  That has yet to be determined for me.

I lost my Daddy recently.

I am profoundly sad.

Yes thinking about him makes me feel better, thinking of the good times, sharing stories of him, telling others how kind he was, it all helps…

Perhaps in time I will stop crying.

Perhaps I won’t feel so sad every time I think of him.

I know the loss will pass eventually.

He, himself, said, “Life goes on honey”…”I’ve lived a good life, had lots of adventures and love…we all have to go some time, now is the time for me, God’s calling me home…”

But I miss you Daddy…I still need you. You always made me feel like everything will be ok.  You were my beacon in the darkness.

And now I feel so lost…



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  • All my life I've waited for things to be right in the universe before I could really start living my life. If only I had the perfect job, the perfect home, was the perfect weight or had the perfect partner... then my life could begin.

    What I've realized now is that these challenges I faced were not obstacles holding me back, they were the steps in the journey that is my LIFE.

    Life has it's ups and downs, heartaches and joys. We need to appreciate each day, and do our best with what we have been given.

    It's not the destination, it's the Journey.

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